About Phoenix RnD

A small group spread across UK, USA and Denmark registered the company in the UK in 2011, to provide a legal entity for  research and development into a new concept propellant-less propulsion system for space craft, based on a concept born in 1975, but kept a closely guarded secret until 2017.


Originally named as GiMi,  ‘Great ingenuity  Machine intelligence’ (a arbitrary name as its’ activities were to remain secret). In March 2013 it changed to MATRiX RsS Ltd . ‘RsS’ having duel meaning: Research Space Science (the Phoenix project), and Remote Sentinel Services. The latter for spin-off technology from the secret Phoenix project.  The spin off project was a technical success with 11 patent applications,  but market research proved the concept was at least a decade ahead of its time, and subsequently shelved in 2016.


Mid 2017 after several scale prototypes it was time to design and build the first full scale prototype new concept propulsion system and the company copied the project name of Phoenix to the company name, and dropped the veil of secrecy.




Phoenix RnD Ltd.