About Phoenix RnD

Mid 2017 after several scale prototypes it was time to design and build the first full scale prototype new concept propulsion system and the company copied the project name of Phoenix to the company name, and dropped the veil of secrecy that had existed for 9 years.


2020  Q4, After a total of 12(1) years research and development into a new concept high power propellant-less propulsion system, the company is reaching the point when flight can be demonstrated, with an expected tethered test flight of the  PMIP engine scheduled for Q1 2021.


PMIP stands for ‘Phased Mass Induced Propulsion’. A space craft engine that does not use heavy, ultra expensive, highly dangerous rocket fuel and liquid oxygen


At this time the company is seeking investment of £330m / $461m to move from Research and development, and into production of the new engine, and move forward with the design of a new concept low cost space craft, a type that is only possible with the new concept propulsion system


In Q1-Q2 2021 the company is looking to move to a new location in the USA with plans to construct a purpose design building for the planned future, and to register for status as a Space Port, for propellant-less prolusion powered craft.







1:  The Phoenix project started in 1975, but died around 1980 as the technology and some of the materials required did not exist.   In the late 1990’s it came back to life as a part time theoretical study with the then available PC technology.    Full time R&D started in 2007, stopped in 2009 due the world recession which stopped funding, and started again in May 2011 through to this day.


Phoenix RnD Ltd(UK)  Corp(US).