A planet in peril. Along with most life on it and a problem that can only be resolved by those that created it, industry. By innovation, new ideas, and totally green



Governments and politicians will not and cannot solve the problem of our declining planet for the following reasons:

Governments and their politicians main interest is the economy, the employment figures, the next election, and creating required laws. But always after the facts, in simple term: Closing the gate AFTER the horse has bolted.  Governments do not design or sell the items that cause pollution. They often regulate them, but again after the fact.

Industry and their director’s design create and sell the items, services, chemicals, products that do pollute our planet, from plastic that ends up in the sea en-mass, to power production, transport, chemicals that affect our atmosphere. All of it before the fact, i.e. before the damage they cause. Or in simple terms: Opening the gate for the horse to bolt. Trends and fashions are modified by Industry not Governments.

The aim of industries owners and directors is profit, and as history has repeatedly shown they will often ignore or circumnavigate the rules and regulations in the pursuit of profit (though they will rarely admit it).

Only industry can resolve the problem of our declining planet, by moving attention from profits to survival. As industry are the only ones that can accomplish meaningful change, before the horse has bolted.

The closing comment has to be: When the situation becomes terminal there is no point resolving it after it has happened  (if there is anyone left to even try) !






By innovation, new ideas, and totally green